All the information within the charge has been provided by Fashion Revolution, therefore the use of the content is constrained by their privacy policies, to know more visit:
​​​​​​​The first part aims to compare the most popular companies within the fashion industry and their commitment to sustainable and ethical production through a series of posters which can be seen here: 
This part of the project is directed to an expert decision-maker. The aim of this website is to enhance the idea of competition between brands, this encompasses the research of the fashion companies from 2017 to 2019 of the fashion transparency index, comparing their progress during those years in different timelines lineal charts. Within the charts, each company has a link to an official document or website to support their ethical and friendly environmental actions and advertise their achievements and encourage their participation in the fashion transparency index.
This deliverable also covers an explanation on how the Fashion Transparency Index was made and the methods that experts from the Fashion Revolution used to rate the companies within it. A section of social media has been included to support the concept of promotion within the design.
Pages from the reporte explaining part of the UX and UI process.
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