I am thrilled to be working with Student Energy, an organisation that inspires young individuals across the globe to pave the way towards a sustainable and equitable energy future through a range of initiatives, projects, and events. As a communications team associate, I have perfected my coding, UX, UI, and web design skills, leveraging my previous academic background. My experience includes working in diverse and remote environments where I have been responsible for Implementing new campaigns, designing appealing content that conveys energy and climate change topics in an accessible and engaging way, designing branding material for each program to be shared in all communication channels, design Editorial material of great relevance, such as reports and toolkits, Tracking progress in google analytics and the social media insights towards Student Energy's goals, Web development and SEO analysis and implementations, set up new goals based on our analytics and SEO analysis. This section showcases the graphics and websites that I have worked on.

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